Season : 5
Episode: 6
Directed by: Kevin Bray
Written by: Greg Plageman
Production Number:
Airdate: October 28, 2007
Date of Crime: August 2002
Previous: Thick as Thieves
Next: World's End

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When it is discovered the mother of a dead teenage boy is using his social security number, the team reopens the 2002 murder of the 14-year-old math phenom.


Lilly and the team are led to reopen the case of a dead 14-year-old inner city genius who was shot to death in 2002 after getting involved in some local gang business.

A card-counting expert, Terrence had a way with numbers, so his half-brother Michael looped him in with the 29th street gang leader named Delonte to do some safe-cracking. A few weeks later, Terrence was dead.

Another man in the building, Augustine, had taken Terrence under his wing to try and teach him to harness his talent into a future. But when Terrence’s father came back into his life, Terrence pulled away from Augustine.

Later, Delonte used Terrence to work a black jack game, but Terrence didn’t play by the rules, and Delonte lost everything. As a fledgling gang member Michael’s future was ruined.

Jealous of the fact that their father only paid attention to Terrence, the special kid, Michael pulled a gun and shot Terrence in cold blood. Now, years later and in a wheelchair himself after taking a bullet, Michael goes down for his crime.


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  • Groove Armada "Superstylin'"
  • Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood"
  • Clipse "Grindin'"
  • Terry Callier "Speak Your Peace"
  • The Beta Band "Won"
  • Closing Song: Moby "Natural Blues "