Wally Peranski
Wally in 2007
Wally Peranski
Portrayed by Ken Magee
Episode That Woman
Status Alive

Wally Peranski was a janitor at James Marshall High School in 1998. At the time, he'd permitted Jerry Wood, the captain of the school baseball team to take girls into his van, one of which was Carrie Swett, a girl who'd had a promiscuous reputation and who was later found dead in the nearby woods.

In 2007, Wally's van broke down in a field. Unwilling to pay to have it towed away, he abandoned it there, where drug addicts began using it as a location to get high. Detectives from the Southeast District later swept the van for narcotics and found a shirt in the wheel well with Carrie's name on the label. Since Carrie's body had been found with no shirt on, Wally was quickly brought in for questioning.

Interrogated by Detectives Scotty Valens and Kat Miller, the easily intimidated Wally acknowledged being aware of Carrie's reputation but insisted he'd never touched her. He also admitted to having let Jerry take girls into his van. Scotty said they would look into Jerry, but warned Wally not to think he'd been ruled out as a person of interest in Carrie's death.

Ultimately, Wally was cleared when Carrie's actual killers Tina Quinn, Phil DiPreta, Laurie Wu, and Manny Kim confessed to the crime.

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