Vonda Martin 1995
Vonda in 1995
Vonda Martin 2009
Vonda in 2009
Vonda Martin
Portrayed by Gillian Zinser (1995)
Dawn Olivieri (2009)
Episode Hoodrats
Status Alive

Vonda Martin is the former girlfriend of Grady Giles and "could have been" girlfriend of murder victim Nash Simpson in 1995. She was caught in a tussle between the two boys for her affection and the boys had their own battle: being the greatest skateboarder ever! Now in 2009, she's a college professor and was questioned about the mentioned things above. She would also be accused of killing Nash because of him "running out on her"-she began to like him and wanted to start a relationship with him, but that would never happen. But she was found innocent as the real killer Cal Acevedo was brought to justice.

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