Violet Polley
Violet Polley in 1929
Violet Polley
Portrayed by Allison Miller
Episode Beautiful Little Fool
Status Deceased (1929)

Violet Polley is a fictional character, singer and songwriter portrayed by Allison Miller. She was the ex-girlfriend of Nick Bartleby, and the mother of his baby, Rosie. She was found bludgeoned to death in late 1929.

Felix Spyczyk, Bartleby's discharged butler, failed to persuade her to blackmail Bartleby, escaped prosecution for the killing in his lifetime, and built a successful shipping company starting with $75 he received for selling the clock that Bartleby's sister Muriel had given to Violet and he had used as the murder weapon. However, he taped a confession that his grandson reluctantly gave police.

Rosie's granddaughter Aimee Goodman had first asked the cold case squad to investigate the case, and Muriel eventually wrote Violet and her descendants into the family tree.

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