Vince in 2006
Vince in 2007
Vince Patrielli
Portrayed by Sean Wing
Episode Running Around
Status Alive

Vince Patrielli was a troubled teenage boy Anna Gunden met through Jakob Beachy during her Rumspringa in 2006. She was told by Jakob that Vince was crazy and she should stay away from him on the first night in the city, but she ignored his warnings. Vince tried to scare her into staying away from him, but she was unafraid and revealed to her that he is alone out on the balcony of the apartment where the party was being held. He then ripped up her dress at her request to make her look less Amish. He became very close to her after that, to the point of them falling in love and a short time becoming a couple. Vince later took her to see the ocean, as she wanted, and it was there that she found out through Rachel Wagler that he raped her the night of the party. Anna became distant towards him after that and told him she knew what he had done. He tried to apologize for what he had done, but she rejected him and told him that he truly was "a damaged freak". At that point, he flew into a rage and became very cruel. Anna's mother showed up and Vince assumed she went back home.

In 2007, Detectives Valens and Jeffries interviewed him about Anna, which he found out Anna was dead. A few days later, after receiving information about Rachel and her baby, he was reinterviewed and he revealed Anna's mother, Miriam Gunden, came to get her and his knife had been stolen (by Jakob Beachy), which was later used to kill Anna. Though unrepentant about raping Rachel, he showed bitterness that his son was living in a nice place and expressed regret that things hadn't worked out with Anna (he even went as far to acknowledge that she hadn't feared him). He was accused of killing "the love of his life", his meant to be girlfriend because of she confronting him on Rachel's rape, but it was Jakob Beachy who slayed Anna.

  • It's unclear if Vince was charged for the assault on Rachel or not.[[Category:Suspects]

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