Tut 1982
"Tut" in 1982
Tut 2010
"Tut" in 2010
Portrayed by Rick Gonzalez (1982)
Manny Perez (2010)
Episode Bombers
Status Arrested

Killer Of Carlos Espinoza. The boys were rivals in graffiti art (AKA they would NEVER like each other). Tut, first meeting Carlos thought he was "nothing" and just a "wannabe." But in reality, Carlos was a "somebody"-a very talented artist, which Tut couldn't handle; he was very jealous of Carlos for that and also for Carlos's affections towards a female graffiti artist, Gina Lopresi, who Tut adored. But she, on the other hand looked down on the boastful bad boy and instead fell for Carlos, the sweet newcomer. But jealousy wasn't the reason for Carlos's murder. Silence would be, for Tut would kill Carlos because he had to keep him quiet when Carlos found out Tut was turning other graffiti artists to the authorities, just to make his art rise to the top; him to be number #1.

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