Tre Jackson in 2003
Tre in 2003
Tre Jackson in 2004
Tre in 2004
Tre Jackson
Portrayed by Dempsey Pappion
Episode The Badlands
Status Arrested

Tre Jackson was a young man who killed his younger and only sibling, Derek Jackson and Derek's bosses, married couple Tom Lincoln and Della Lincoln. He had a loving, but severely strained relationship with Derek because of him being an addict. Other individuals, especially the Lincolns thought he was an irresponsible and unsafe guardian for Derek and wanted to take him in. He would attack the Lincolns first, leading to Tom's death and Della being severely injured in a fury of fear and jealousy when they were alerted of him stealing from their restaurant and Derek calling them his "family". Tre was extremely uspet and jealous about that incident and would specifically brutalize Della more because of Derek trying to save her and his earlier comments. He would end his rampage by fatally attacking Derek to silence him because he witnessed Della and Tom's deaths and also of him rejecting Tre's offers of leaving with him.

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