Toya Miles
Toya in 2001
Toya Miles
Portrayed by Aynsley Lemon
Episode Fly Away
Status Deceased (2001)

Toya Miles was the six year old daughter of Rosie Miles. In 2001, a man attempted to molest her when her mother caught him in the act.

The man (a social worker) then stated that he would take away Toya and that Rosie should wait for a knock on her door at any time.

Fearing for her daughter's life, Rosie became extremely paranoid and she threw herself and Toya out of their apartment window in one last desperate attempt to get away from what Rosie thought was the social worker.

In reality, however, the man who caused her to jump out of the window was a pizza delivery worker, who was visiting Rosie's apartment to give them free pizza. Rosie thought this man was the social worker. Rosie survived and was put into a two year long coma, while Toya died. Toya's case was reopened when Rosie came out of her coma.