Tommy Flanagan
Tommy in 1979
Tommy Flanagan
Portrayed by John White
Episode Iced
Status Deceased (1980)

Tommy Flanagan was an eighteen year old boy who in 1979 at age seventeen became a rookie hockey player with his best friend, Dwight Barnes's help who was also seventeen years old. But had some resistance from his family, especially from his older brother, then twenty three year old Sean Flanagan who was a hockey player himself, but had to quit when he was injured in an accident, but it would be his fault: he was drunk driving on a motorcycle when he would crash into another vehicle. He would give his little (younger) brother a hard time about hockey because of his age, size, lack of experience, etc. But Tommy was undeterred and joined anyway. With this "new life", he would make new friends, become a very popular and talented player, and would fall in love THE VERY FIRST TIME! The object of his affection was Molly Heaton, the attractive and headstrong daughter of Tommy's coach, Coach Heaton. But tragically, the relationship wouldn't take off fully because of DWIGHT! Originally thrilled and happy for his buddy, Dwight would become jealous of Tommy for his talents and for the attention he was getting. He would also began to feel abandoned by Tommy for hanging out with other people than him. To get back at him, Dwight would get Molly drunk and rape her at a party! Tommy would find out and was understably furious. He would confront Dwight about it. Well...the conversation wouldn't go smoothly! It would end with Tommy dead at Dwight's hands. He would kill Tommy by beating him to death with Tommy’s own stick.