Tom Puckett
Tom in 2009
Tom Puckett
Portrayed by P.J. Marino
Episode November 22nd
Status Alive

Tom Puckett was the new owner of Whitey's Pool Hall in 2009. He was attempting to get it reopened after being closed for several years, though he had some concern about being able to get his liquor licence.

While restoring the pool hall a few days before opening, Tom discovered a handgun wrapped in a newspaper and stuff in a pool cue holder. Noticing that the paper reported the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Tom suspected that the gun may have been the one that killed Patrick "The Rifle" Lennox, a known pool hustler who'd been shot on November 22, 1963, the same day as Kennedy. Tom informed homicide detectives, which led to the case being reopened, and the arrest of Patrick's killer, Sharon Lertola.

Tom was eventually able to get his licence, and Whitey's opened to great success, with several homicide detectives and elusive pool player Al "Baltimore Red" Soddenheim attending.

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