Tom Bernard 1973
Tom in 1973
Tom Bernard 2008
Tom in 2008
Tom "The Breeze" Bernard
Portrayed by B.J. Britt (1973)
Clifton Powell (2008)
Episode Glory Days
Status Alive

Tom Bernard was murder victim Mike McShane's best friend, fellow schoolmate/classmate, and teammate. The two boys bonded over their interests in sports, women, social events, exercise, etc while they attended Pennsylvania University. He would be accused of murdering Mike because of "Mike's involvement" in him being kicked off; fired from the team; football specifically. But it was the officials' fault, including Steve Pratt, a booster for the team and "former" football player who became extremely close to Mike only. He would sadly be the one who took Mike's life during a friendly-becoming-heated argument over Tom being kicked off the team and Steve's dirty involvement in secretly supplying the team with drugs, specifically steroids in a system he and others called "the vitamin program." He became also pissed off with Steve's lies about being a sports star, as he never played in his life.