The Woods
The Woods

Season : 2
Episode: 23
Directed by: Nelson McCormick
Written by: Veena Sud
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Airdate: 22 May 2005
Date of Crime: 3 November 1972
Previous: Best Friends
Next: Family (Season 3)

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The discovery of nine human skulls leads Lilly back to George Marks, the serial killer she was unable to incriminate months earlier, and who walked away a free man. As the detectives reinvestigate his mother's murder from 1972, George is forced to emerge from hiding to face Rush again. This time, their very lives are at stake in their final showdown.



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  • This episode is based on serial killer Robert Hansen.
  • During one of the flashback scenes a young George plays a 45 of John Denver's "Sunshine on My Shoulders", however this is an anachronism, as the scenes were set in November 1972, and the song would not be released until late 1973.
  • This episode was chosen as "The Worst TV Show of the Week" and "the most psychologically disturbing" by The Parents Television Council because of its themes of familial dysfunction, rape, and murder.
  • DeeDee Cooper is mentioned and appears dead in this episode.
  • The shots of John Finn and Jeremy Ratchford in the opening later made for Season 3 onward are from this episode.
  • The song "Riders on the Storm" was also heard in the episode "Metamorphosis".
  • As Jeffries and Vera saw at the gun store in Mind Hunters, George Marks may see himself as Orion the hunter. One of the versions of the myth of Orion says that he was the lover of Artemis, the Greek goddess of moon and that he once tried to rape her. Outraged goddess killed him. That's more or less what happens between George and Lilly: he brings her to the "woods" and assaults her not physically, but mentally, (making her relive her terrible childhood memory) which ends in her shooting him in self-defence.


  • John Denver "Sunshine On My Shoulders"
  • The Doors "Riders On The Storm"
  • Jethro Tull "Aqualung"
  • The Eagles "Witchy Woman"
  • America "Sandman"
  • Michael A. Levine "Rush & George"
  • Closing Song: The Who "Behind Blue Eyes"

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