The Letter

Season : 1
Episode: 13
Directed by: Tim Hunter
Written by: Veena Sud
Production Number: 176713
Airdate: 25 January 2004
Date of Crime: 11 August 1939
Previous: Glued
Next: The Boy in the Box

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The team reopens the case of a 25 year old black woman, who was murdered in 1939 after the woman's granddaughter comes forward with new information. The woman was assumed to be a prostitute murdered by a client, but letters written by the victim indicate that she was afraid of a milkman.



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  • Jonesy: Come and get it!

  • Pierce: So, then, I says to her, you may look almost white, but you is black as midnight. (laughing) Jonesy over there don't think I'm funny.
  • Man: Oh, that's 'cause he's givin' her his morning milk.

  • Sadie: What's wrong, Jonesy?

  • Jonesy: Because I love you Sadie. I love you.
  • Sadie: No... you don't. Just told me so.
  • (men laughing)
  • Pierce: Well, look at what we got here. Jonesy's gettin' a leg up on us boys. Ain't you, Jonesy?
  • (Sadie screaming)
  • Pierce: Come here!
  • Men: Come on! Come on!
  • (Sadie screaming)
  • Pierce: Put her down! Put her down!
  • Sadie: No!
  • Pierce: Now who you think you is, bitch?
  • Sadie: (screaming) No!
  • (men laughing)
  • Pierce: Get over here! Hold her down!
  • Sadie: No! No! Jonesy! No! (screaming)
  • (men taunting)
  • Pierce: I said hold her down!
  • Sadie: Jonesy! Jonesy! Jonesy! (muffled screams) (muffled screaming grows silent)
  • Pierce: Let her be, Jonesy.
  • Man: What's wrong with her?
  • Pierce: Get up! Hey, I said get up!


The character Manross Delaney and his candy business "Delaney's Delights", as well as the victim being a light-skinned black woman named Sadie, are probably allusions to the writer Sadie Delany (1889-1999), a light-skinned black woman who had a candy business called Delany's Delights in the 1920s (her recipe appears on page 43 of The Delany Sisters' Book of Everyday Wisdom) and a brother named Manross. The writer Samuel R. Delany, who has at times lived in Philadelphia, is a nephew of Sadie and Manross.


  • Opening Song: Julia Lee "Dream Lucky Blues" 
  • Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald "Star Fell On Alabama"
  • Michael A. Levine "Sadie's Blues"
  • Closing Song: Ella Fitzgerald "Blue Moon"

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