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The Key
Cold Case S04E07 The Key

Season : 4
Episode: 7
Directed by: David Barrett
Written by: Jennifer Johnson
Production Number: 2T7907
Airdate: 5 November 2006
Date of Crime: 26 February 1979
Previous: Static
Next: Fireflies

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When new evidence of a murder case from 1979 is found, Det. Jeffries, who worked on the case as a rookie cop, sets out to find the killer, fulfilling the promise he made to the victim's daughter twenty-seven years ago.



Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit




  • The Emotions "Best Of My Love"
  • Dr. Hook "Sharing The Night Together"
  • Styx "Babe"
  • David Naughton "Makin' It"
  • Leo Sayer "When I Need You"
  • Closing Song: Anne Murray "Broken Hearted Me"

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