The Boy In The Box
Cold Case S01E14 Boy In The Box

Season : 1
Episode: 14
Directed by: Karen Gaviola
Written by: Meredith Stiehm
Production Number: 176712
Airdate: 15 February 2004
Date of Crime: 4 April 1958
Previous: The Letter
Next: Disco Inferno

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The 1958 death of an unknown 6 year old boy found in a field inside a cardboard box is reinvestigated after a small suitcase with the child's picture and his old cowboy hat is left in front of a church. The new investigation reveals that the rowdy boy lived at a Catholic-run orphanage and was adopted two days before his suspicious demise.



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  • Based on the real-life case of "Boy In The Box", a still-unsolved Philadelphia murder case. Like Arnold, the real-life unidentified boy was left in a cardboard box in the 1950's and later discovered by a college student who was following a rabbit. Posters extremely similar to the ones in this episode (including pictures of him propped up in clothes) were also circulated.
  • At 6 years old, Arnold Culliver is tied with Clayton Hathaway from Offender as the youngest male victim of the series.
  • Delaney Williams is actually a decade younger than his character.
  • Arnold Culliver and Toya Miles from Fly Away are both the youngest victims of season 1


  • Johnny Cash "You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven"
  • Everly Brothers "All I Have To Do Is Dream (Dream, Dream, Dream)
  • Ricky Nelson "Stood Up"
  • Patsy Cline "Walkin' After Midnight"
  • Ricky Nelson "Poor Little Fool"
  • Perry Como "Catch A Falling Star"
  • Ricky Nelson "Lonesome Town"
  • Michael A. Levine "Sister Vivian's Flashback"
  • Closing Song: Ricky Nelson "Sweeter Than You"

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