Suzie Hill 1989
Suzie in 1989
Suzie Hill 2010
Suzie in 2010
Suzie Hill
Portrayed by Najarra Townsend (1989)
Kerry O'Malley (2010)
Episode Almost Paradise
Status Alive

Suzie Hill was the best friend and schoolmate/classmate of Felicia Grant, who would be tragically murdered the day after their senior prom. Even though they were super tight and acted like "sisters", there was some dark feelings between the two girls. But it was a secret and it was just Suzie just having those feelings; she probably had those feelings since they have been together, but it’s quite unclear. But she was deeply envious of her best friend’s beauty, popularity, etc. Basically, Suzie thought Felicia had "everything." But in my opinion, I’m like "get over yourself, girl...just be happy for your friend, talk to her about you feel instead of acting like a complete priss or quit it!" But the one thing that really destroyed their friendship would be her witnessing Felicia being very friendly towards her date, Lee Mavoides and calling her out on it. Felicia went after her and tried to explain to what was going on: she was friends with him, but their friendship fell apart when they entered high school and she feels bad that she didn’t tell her about that; there’s nothing going on between them; she already has her man; love of her life: her boyfriend, Cole Austen. It would help, but not much. Well...she had to completely honest, so she, Felicia told her about she and Lee’s onetime fling (their top secret sexual encounter), and she’s terribly sorry she didn’t tell about this too. But it’s long done and way over with and if she really likes him, she should go for it. But that statement wouldn’t go well with Suzie. But, after more deep felt talking, the two would make up...or would they? Suzie “played" Felicia and really hated for everything that occurred; it was all her fault! avenge against Felicia, she would tell Cole about his girlfriend and her best friend/date’s onetime liaison...NICE! :( Plus, there was an after party and while attending, she would have sex...with a wasted Cole, who was also there. She did this to again, avenge herself against her own best friend! P.S. Twenty years later in 2010, she would be questioned about her best friend’s murder, if she did it. With everything that transpired, she would be a likely suspect. But she didn’t do it! It was then assistant principal/now principal of McKinley High School, Steve Burke!