Stu Livermore in 1985
Stu in 1985
Stu Livermore in 2004
Stu in 2004
Stu Livermore
Portrayed by Martin Grey
Episode Greed
Status Alive

One of the many victims of not-very-good stockbroker Charles Danville. He was known in the episode for threatening Charles because the first company of Charles he invested in fell apart and he was furious; he lost a lot of money. Charles offered to put Stu in a new company he was starting up, called Nevrex. Stu agreed, but not before threatening Charles again if Nevrex falls apart to, he pay with his life. That's how Stu became a suspect because Nevrex fell apart (tanked) and later....Charles would found murdered. But the real killer was one of Charles's employees' parent, Kip Crowley's mother, Mavis.

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