Steve Hess 1995
Steve in 1995
Steve Hess 2009
Steve in 2009
Steve Hess
Portrayed by Chris Browning
Episode Hoodrats
Status Alive

Steve Hess is a skateboard owner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who became friendly with teenage newcomer Nash Simpson who fled from his rough home life in Gloucester City, New Jersey. Nash would begin to work for Steve and live with him. But their friendship would fall apart when Steve found out that Nash is being sponsored by Excelerator, a well known skateboarding company that was also sponsoring Grady Giles, Nash's main rival. Steve became very offended and hurt. He would also kick Nash out of his home. He would later admit when being questioned by the Cold Case team in 2009 (24 years later after Nash's murder in 1995), that he now has no hard feelings towards Nash that he expected that Nash would be noticed by someone big like Excelerator because his spectacular skating skills.

  • To add: the reason Steve became vial towards Nash was he WANTED to sponsor Nash himself.