Steve Burke 1989
Burke in 1989
Steve Burke 2010
Burke in 2010
Steve Burke
Portrayed by Rob Benedict (1989)
Joel Polis (2010)
Episode Almost Paradise
Status Arrested

Steve Burke was the Assistant Principal of McKinley High in 1989 and the killer of Felicia Grant. Captivated by her accomplishments and good looks, Steve became infatuated with her, even going as far as pulling strings at Berkeley to guarantee Felicia's acceptance. After a disastrous prom night, Felicia became locked out of school with no ride home. Steve saw this and offered her a lift. During the ride, Felicia confided in him about her bad night and her uncertainty about her future. Steve comforted her and told her to call him by his first name instead of "Mr. Burke". Felicia smiled and obliged, leaning in closer to him. Steve seized the opportunity and forcefully kissed her, causing Felicia to push him off and get out of the car. Steve, angered at her rejection and/or worried that she will report him , speeds up the car and mowed Felicia down, killing her instantly. Ironically enough, Steve was the one to get her case reopened 20 years later. He is last seen being arrested for Felicia's murder.