Stan Cronin 1999
Stan in 1999
Stan Cronin 2009
Stan in 2009
Stan Cronin
Portrayed by Brad Hunt
Episode Forensics
Status Alive

Stan Cronin is murder victim Luke Cronin's father. He would raise his boy; son on his own after his wife and Luke's mother disappeared from their lives. Their relationship was strong and tender. But things would evolve; change between son and father when Luke would transfer from his old school, Jefferson High School to Maynard Green, a ritzy school because of his talents in debating. Luke began to pour himself into his new school because it's was and still is a very competitive, aggressive school and began to lose himself in that and also in his academics, especially in debating. He also began to forget about his old life, making everyone and everything feel abandoned, alone, and hurt. This would include his old friends, specifically his best friend, Ronnie Jacks, a boy he knew from Jefferson and was on his debate team there. Stan would sadly be one of them, but Luke loved him dearly and tried always to be there for him. One day, Luke came home from school and found his father trying to commit suicide. This incident would shake Luke to the core and made him realize he needs to go back to his old ways: return to Jefferson High School, his "home" where everything and everyone he knows and loves so much is there and be back on his old debate team, along with one of the very people he cared for, Ronnie. His decision to leave Maynard Green and return to Jefferson would cost him his life.

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