Stacey Lee in 1983
Stacey in 1983
Stacey Lee in 2009
Stacey in 2009
Stacey Lee
Portrayed by Kyla Dang (1983)
Elaine Kao (2009)
Episode Chinatown
Status Alive

She was Jack Chao Lu's cousin and Warren Lee's little sister. Warren was a great big brother to Stacy, but as a then teenage boy, he was very careless and easily distracted. His carelessness and distracted ways would become a huge and almost deadly flaw when his little sister would be kidnap by The Dragon Boys, a local gang in their neighborhood in August of 1983 when she was in his care, as she was always. She would be rescued by Jack, who would be sadly murdered later that day. She would never forgive Warren what happened to her and would move away from Chinatown and live in Philadelphia when she got older. In 2009, she's a successful real estate agent and would be brought in PPD to be questioned about Jack's murder. She had nothing to give and say about his death, but had a lot to say her abduction, but was understably upset talking about it. She would also be reunited with Warren, whose still working as a worker at the store owned by his aunt, uncle, and cousins. He was very ecstatic to see her.

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