Spiders (aka Fear of Spiders)
513 Spiders

Season : 5
Episode: 13
Directed by: John Peters
Written by: Liz W. Garcia
Production Number: 513
Airdate: 17 February 2008
Date of Crime: 18 August 1998
Previous: Sabotage
Next: Andy in C Minor

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The team reopens the 1998 case of a murdered seventeen year old girl when her father is arrested for beating another child. During the investigation, the team finds evidence that the victim was involved with a group of neo-Nazis who were suspected of another unsolved murder around the same time.


The team re-opens the 1998 case of a murdered teenaged girl after her father is arrested for savagely beating the teen’s 3-year-old step-sister. They go to visit Tamyra’s father in prison and become interested in meeting with her boyfriend, Spider, with whom she ran away from home.

Boyfriend Spider welcomed Tamyra into his home with his mother and runaway Elliott. But Tamyra soon discovers that Spider is a Neo-Nazi ex-con with strong ideas and a violent temper. After witnessing a murder of a helpless Hispanic mother, Tamyra searches for a way out. Trapped in the house, Tamyra breaks down to Elliott, admitting that she would have rather run away from her father than get into another abusive situation.

Elliott takes out a hammer and breaks the lock off the basement window and Tamyra is able to escape. When Spider’s, mother Rayanne sees this, she goes to Elliott to tell him that Tamyra has betrayed them, they are at war and Tamyra has now crossed over to the other side. Elliott knows what he needs to do to stay in her good graces and goes after Tamyra with the hammer. Tamyra doesn’t see or hear Elliott approach her and smashes her head several times, causing her death.


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  • This episode uses some elements from the 1998 film American History X and the 2001 film The Believer, which itself was based on the life of Dan Burros.


  • Sugar Ray "Someday"
  • Bush "Greedy Fly"
  • Versus "Dumb Fun"
  • Yo La Tengo "Moby Octopad"
  • Fiona Apple "Sleep to Dream"
  • Zoo Pilot "I'm Gonna Change"
  • Closing Song: The Smashing Pumpkins "Tonight Tonight"