Skill Jones
Skill in 2002
Skill Jones
Portrayed by Tristan Wilds
Episode 8:03 AM
Status Deceased (2002)

Skill Jones was a fifteen year old African-American boy and high school freshman who was shot and killed outside of his school at 8:03am on January 28, 2002. During that same time, a thirteen year old Caucasian girl, Madison Reed was also shot and killed outside of her school. Skill was in a gang of drug dealers, but his grandfather convinced him to stop being a drug dealer, give up his gun, and go back to school.

At school, Skill wasn't a good student; he couldn't read and was taunted by his classmates. Before his and Madison's death, Madison's friend, Michael Ellis called out at him on the playground at his school. Later, Michael convinced Skill to help him find Madison, who went missing that weekend. Madison was found in the drug house where his gang resided at, high on meth and Skill convinced her to go home because they were two different worlds apart and there wasn't anything for her there. He told Madison that she wasn't invisible and had to believe in herself even if nobody else did. Before Madison left with Michael, she thanked him and gave him her dreamcatcher.

Skill was murdered by Toomey Nelson because he quit dealing and told Toomy that he didn't want to end up in the same situation as him (A homeless addict). Which severely offended Toomy.

His body was found by Kat Miller, who worked in narcotics in that time.