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Sherry Fox 1989
Sherry in 1989
Sherry Stephens 2003
Sherry in 2003
Sherry Fox
Portrayed by Merritt Hicks (1989)
Christina Cox (2003)
Episode Sherry Darlin'
Status Arrested

Sherry Stephens (née Fox) was the high school girlfriend of James Hogan and the murderer of Krystal Hogan, James's grandmother. Having spent a majority of her life in foster care, Sherry dreamed of living a comfortable life. She saw a meal ticket when she met James, becoming his girlfriend. The only thing that truly stood in her way was his grandmother, Krystal. In order to get access to her benefits, Sherry devised a plan with James to kill her. James was suppose to smother her in her sleep, but he couldn't go through with it and simply tucked her in. This led Sherry to taking the pillow from him and doing it herself. She convinced James to bury her body in the basement. They continue their relationship for several years until Sherry upgraded to a wealthy doctor and left him. Then in 2003, James works for a moving company and sees his old house and asks the owners if he could look around. This leads him to see Krystal's makeshift grave is now "a cheesy bar" and causes him to have a breakdown, tipping off police and saying he killed his grandmother, reopening Krystal's case and resulting in both his and Sherry's arrests.