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Sharon Lertola 1963
Sharon in 1963
Sharon Lertola 2009
Sharon in 2009
Sharon Lertola
Portrayed by Valerie Azlynn (1963)
Tess Harper (2009)
Episode November 22nd
Status Arrested

Sharon Lertola was a spoiled bar woman and the murderer of Patrick "The Rifle" Lennox. She murdered him for trying to leave the pool business behind and run away with his daughter (even though the girl wasn't even his) Lennox left the match with Baltimore Red and beat him for $40k but only took $20k and intended to run off with his daughter. But Sharon put $2k for the match and Patrick gave her $5k but Sharon pulled the gun out on him and told him not to go but Patrick still went and Sharon began crying and she was heartbroken so she shot Patrick in the back and took the rest of the money and started cry heavily while the rest of the neighborhood had just heard that John F. Kennedy had been shot on November 22, 1963, and she ran fearing they meant her.