Sean Flanagan 1980
Sean in 1980
Sean Flanagan 2009
Sean in 2009
Sean Flanagan
Portrayed by Kristopher Higgins (1979/1980)
James C. Burns (2009)
Episode Iced
Status Alive

Sean Flanagan was murder victim Tommy Flanagan's older brother. He was a hockey star himself, but had to quit (retire) when he was injured in a motorcycle accident, but by his own fault because he was drunk. He would also be known for trying to deter Tommy from becoming a hockey player himself because he worried for him, but Tommy was unmoved and was determined to become a hockey player, which wonderfully came true! Sadly, he would become one of the many suspects in his little brother's case for he was witnessed drunkenly threaten Tommy for using his prized hockey stick without his permission. His supposed jealousy for his baby brother becoming an amazing hockey player also became a motive while he couldn't never play hockey again. But Sean would give enough evidence to clear his name. Well...the real killer was found: Dwight Barnes, Tommy's best friend since childhood (3rd grade)!