Saving Patrick Bubley
Cold Case S03E06 Saving Patrick Bubley

Season : 3
Episode: 6
Directed by: Marcos Siega
Written by: Tyler Bensinger
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Airdate: 6 November 2005
Date of Crime: 27 November 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005.
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When a mother of five loses her fourth son to gang violence, Lilly sets out to save the youngest son to not make the mistakes his siblings made, reopening one of her first cases on the homicide squad.


This episode begins on Thanksgiving in 1999 where the Bubley family is having dinner. The mother Maeve Bubley and her kids, Vaughn, Cedric, Quincy, Luther and Patrick are saying a prayer and are about to eat. Then we see Vaughn dead in '99, Cedric in '01, Quincy dead in '03.

In 2005 where the homicide team consisting of Detectives Lilly Rush, Nick Vera, Will Jeffries, and Scotty Valens plus thier boss Lt. John Stillman arrive at the scene of a triple homicide. A gang member shoots at some members of a rival gang called the O's.

Then Lilly sees a woman saying that her son Luther is dead. Lily recognizes her from the '99 murder of Vaughn. She goes over there and learns that Luther is the fourth son she lost and Patrick is all she got left.

The team decides to reopen all the Bubley murders. They learn there is an indivual named Miguel Maldonado named as a Person of Intrest in every case and the team immediately decides to question him and his gang the O's. The O's are the same gang shot at by Luther Bubley. Scotty also learns that Det. Josie Sutton is taking a leave.

Scotty then goes and talks to Carlos, the gang member shot by Luther. Scotty puts his shield on Carlos's busted knee and hurts him into telling him information. Carlos said all he was doing was playing with his scooter. In the flashback we see Luther and Patrick about to buy some cereal and Luther tells Patrick he should not waste his talent like he did. Luther then sees the O's playing with the scooter on the cameras. Luther pulls out a gun and shoots at the members. Then Luther is killed by the gangsters and Luther mentioned "Web D" before shooting Carlos.

Jeffries and Lilly go to the Bubley home where Maeve and Patrick don't want to talk. Maeve is pissed off at the cops because they never solved any of her boys's murders. Lilly recalls when she first went to Vaughn's murder. Her old partner and racist Ben Fulcrum tells her that the vic is NHI: "No Humans Involved." He also tells her to tell the rest of the Bubley family what happened. Back in 2005 Maeve then tells Lilly and Jeffries to leave.

Back at the station at night Lilly tells Stillman that she is coming close to being a racist. She says she sees Fulcrum in the mirror and came close to thinking NHI. Stillman tells her she's not like that.

The next day Vera tells Valens maybe Sutton ran off with Sgt. White. Valens tells him that White liked Sutton and Sutton didn't like White. White pretty much stalked her and Vera says she could have straightened it out. They watch the video tape from the market.

It shows a bunch of gang members and they see Theodore "Cartier" Classon who is listed in Quincy's file. He has been arrested twice for crack possession. He witnessed two Bubley murders and Stillman sends Valens, Vera, and Jeffries to ruin his buisness. They sit outside his house having lemon ice.

Some idiot rolls up and he thinks they're not cops. Cartier comes out and argues with the cops and they show the idiot their badges, scaring him off. Cartier says he knows nothing and Quincy went out of bounce selling drugs. He recalls the day. It was Thanksgiving and they were about to have chicken when Quincy has to go. They all hear shots. The shots that just killed Quincy.

They find out Quincy was selling on Jesus Maldonado (Miguel's cousin)'s block! They go and talk with Jesus and his girl. Scotty threatens Jesus by calling Child Services and Jesus tells him that they have bad genes. He brings up the night Cedric was killed.

Jesus and Letecia dance at Miguel's party. Jesus tells her Miguel doesn't deserve her and she's better off with him. Jesus says Miguel is with ten other girls. They both go up expecting to see Miguel with some lady instead they see Maeve partying with Miguel. The night Cedric was killed.

Lilly and Jeffries talk to Maeve and they insult her. Saying Cedric's body wasn't even cold and she was getting high. Lilly throws a chair to the ground after being reprimanded by Maeve.

At a clinic Vera talks to Letecia. Letecia says she's not a snitch but Vera gets her to tell him about Cedric's death. That night they were having fun then Cedric comes in pointing a gun at Miguel. Miguel, being the coward, puts Letecia in front of him. She is able to calm Cedric down saying how nice he is at the pet store. Cedric is shot that same night.

The team says that Miguel killed Vaughn and Cedric wants revenge trying to kill Miguel which gets him shot. Then Quincy gets so desperate he has to deal drugs and he gets shot by selling on the wrong corner. All connected with Web D. Then an angry Patrick comes in.

Lilly shares with Patrick her astonishment that Patrick went from being on a gifted track in elementary school to flunking out of high school. Patrick says that he has the deaths of his brothers on his back. Lily protest that Patrick's brothers wouldn't have wanted to see Patrick go down that path, that Patrick will end up going the same way as his brothers if he keeps this up. Patrick says that sometimes things just go that way.

Lily asks about Web D and Vaughn. Patrick claims that Lilly is a racist and thinks NHI. Patrick then backs off. Rush and Scotty then talk to Maeve. Maeve tells them why she was partying with Miguel. She knows he killed Cedric but the body is in a dumpster and she can't find it. So Miguel says if she has sex with him he'll tell her. He then gives her a crack pipe to smoke so it'll "help" and make it "easy". Maeve in current time leaves and gets what she needs.

The team figures a plan: They arrest Miguel for sexual assault but they know it won't stick but Miguel doesn't know that. So Jeffries arrests Miguel and Vera and Scotty take in Jesus. They say if Jesus flips on Miguel he'll run the O's and get Letecia. He agrees.

He says in '99 Patrick was riding his scooter with Vaughn helping him. Patrick runs into Miguel and his crew. Miguel takes Patrick's scooter. Over Patrick's objections, Vaughn gets Patrick to leave. When nicely asking Miguel to return the scooter doesn't work, Vaughn and Miguel tussle over it. Miguel lets Vaughn believe that he has won, then pulls out a gun and shoots Vaughn in the back. They take the scooter.

The entire team thinks it is horrible that a feud ending in multiple deaths started because of a scooter. Lily wants to know what the big deal was, and when Patrick asks why, Lilly says it's "because that's how (she) stays human." Lily asks Patrick if the scooter meant something to him. "Everything," says Patrick.

In another flashback to 1999, we see Patrick and his family in an auditorium where Patrick is announced to be the winner of an essay contest, and his prize is a new scooter. The emcee asks Patrick to read his essay for the audience. Patrick is astonished by the request, but the emcee asks Patrick to read the beginning, and so he does:

"In our great city of Philadelphia in 1910, W.E.B. DuBois wrote 'There is no such force as a man determined to rise.'" Patrick says that he wrote about his agreeing with Du Bois. He leaves the stage to join his family in the audience. Maeve hugs Patrick, and says that she is proud of him. Patrick says that he will name his scooter Web D for W.E.B. Dubois, to the approval of Vaughn, Cedric, Luther, and Quincy. Patrick asks Vaughn to teach him how to ride the scooter.

Lilly sees Patrick when he was young; Maeve goes to rehab; Jesus and Letecia control the gang and are sitting on the couch talking about the baby; Miguel is in a jail cell; Lilly sees her old partner, but then his image disappears, giving Lily measured relief. Cartier sells his drugs. Patrick sees his brothers at Thanksgiving and sees them when they died. Patrick waves to them.


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  • The title and concept of this episode are references to the 1998 film Saving Private Ryan, about a World War II mission to save the youngest son whose brothers were killed in the war.


  • 2Pac "Changes"
  • Citizen Cope "Let the Drummer Kick It"
  • Moby "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?"
  • Norah Jones "The Long Day Is Over"
  • Maxwell "Get to Know Ya"
  • Ozomatli "Cumbia de los Muertos"
  • Closing Song: P.M. Dawn "Faith in You"

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