Sarah Ann McLachlan is a Canadian musician, singer and songwriter. Known for her emotional ballads and mezzo-soprano vocal range, as of 2006, she has sold over 40 million albums worldwide.

Songs featured in Cold CaseEdit

5 Songs were featured in Cold Case


  • Episode: "Wishing"
  • Album: Fumbling Towards Ecstacy
  • Track: 11
  • Year: 1993
  • Occurrence: Heard when Colin was in the hospital.


  • Episode: "The Promise"
  • Album: Afterglow
  • Track: 1
  • Year: 2003
  • Occurrence: Closing Song.

"Sweet Surrender"Edit

  • Episode: "Start Up"
  • Album: Surfacing
  • Track: 3
  • Year: 1997
  • Occurrence: Heard when Mal tells Amy he loves her.


  • Episode: "A Dollar, A Dream"
  • Album: Surfacing
  • Track: 6
  • Year: 1997
  • Occurence: Heard when Marlene tried to convince the tow driver to give her the car.


  • Episode: "A Dollar, A Dream"
  • Album: Surfacing
  • Track: 7
  • Year: 1997
  • Occurence: Closing Song.

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