Sam in 1963
Samantha "Sam" Randall
Portrayed by Linsey Godfrey
Episode Boy Crazy
Status Deceased (1963)

Samantha "Sam" Randall was a troubled sixteen year old girl who was thought to have committed suicide by jumping into a river.

Boy CrazyEdit

Her case is reopened when an old man serving time in prison comes forward claiming that he saw her body being dumped in the river back in 1963 in order to lessen his sentence. Sam dressed and acted like a boy since she was able to walk. She was very aggressive, not afraid to express her opinions and frequently got expelled from schools resulting in her moving around a lot. Her mother died when she was very young and the only person she ever had was her dad who claimed she was like the son that he never had and he loved her very much despite all the trouble she gave.

Sam had many problems with people at the last high school she attended. She made enemies with Red Buckley, a boy who called her a queer and bullied her to the point of opening her shirt and exposing her to the class her very first day there and Janey Davis, a very vain girl whom Sam made a fool of once. However, Sam befriended Dom Barron, a "loner, bad boy" whom she had much in common with. Sam fell in love with Dom and she even expressed her feelings to him and kissed him once but he rejected her saying he was not queer. Sam was broken hearted but he never spoke to her again until the night she died.

Sam was resilient even when her father put her in the psychiatric ward, standing up to the doctors and resisting her treatment. This behavior caused her to get electro-convulsive therapy which left her brain dead. The nurse that worked at the mental hospital but also at Sam's previous school knew everything the doctors did to the girls was wrong, so the night she quit she gave the keys to the building to Dom hoping he'd rescue her. Dom went to the hospital and found Sam lying in her bed, brain dead while wearing lipstick and a red dress. Dom tries to get Sam to come back to normal, but she asks him to 'set her free'. He hesitates to do so, but she manages to get him to smothered her with a pillow. He then dumped her in the lake as that was the only place she could be free.

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