Rosie Miles 2001
Rosie in 2001
Rosie Miles 2003
Rosie in 2003
Rosie Miles
Portrayed by Laura Regan
Episode Fly Away
Status Alive

Rosie Miles was the mother of Toya Miles and a survivor of a supposed murder attempt.

On the night of May 21, 2001 Rosie and her daughter were in their bedroom when Rosie heard someone outside her apartment, she thought it was Josh Freely (a paedophile/social worker who wanted to molest Toya.) Josh had stated before that he would take away Toya and Rosie should expect a knock on her door at any time.

To protect Toya, Rosie jumped out of their bedroom window in an attempt to get away from the person she thought was Freely. The man outside her apartment was actually a pizza delivery worker who was giving Rosie free pizza. Tragically because of her extreme paranoia, she didn't realize that.

Toya died on impact and Rosie was put into a 2 year long coma. She later awakened in 2003 and Toya's case was reopened as a murder investigation but was later found to be an accidental death. The investigation into Toya's death also got Freely arrested and put into prison.

  • Rosie possibly had paranoia.
  • Rosie was abused as a child herself and wanted to stop anything happening to her daughter.

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