Ronnie Jacks 1999
Ronnie in 1999
Ronnie Jacks 2009
Ronnie in 2009
Ronnie Jacks
Portrayed by Michael J. Pagan (1999)
Darcas Macopson (2009)
Episode Forensics
Status Alive

Ronnie Jacks was best friends with murder victim Luke Cronin. The two boys had a very close relationship, with them both attending Jefferson High School and being on the debate team together. But the friendship would splinter when Luke would leave Jefferson and enroll in Maynerd Green, a private, ritzy high school because his extreme debate talents would catch the eye of Maynerd debate coach and teacher Darren Musk. But the boys would have their last encounter with each other (two of one meetings) in a long time. It was started by Ronnie as he would come by Maynerd Green to apologize to his buddy for assaulting him at a congratulations party that Maynerd Green held after a win because he saw his debate supplies, specifically his bin carrying his papers in Luke's possession; he thought he took them as a cruel joke, but the REAL THIEF was one of Luke's schoolmates/classmates, the party boy and big ego, Oliver Calhoun! He would also be accused of murdering his best friend because of his supposed jealously towards Luke leaving Jeffeson High and going to Maynerd Green, and joining the debate team. Another reason was he felt abandoned by Luke for again, transferring out of Jefferson and heading into Maynerd, and becoming close with the kids there, and joining their debate team. The thing that really hurted him was he and Luke not able to hangout anymore. But the real killer was found: Darren Musk himself!