Roger McBride
McBride in 2007
Roger McBride
Portrayed by William B. Jackson
Episode Blood on the Tracks
Status Alive

Roger McBride was the father of Paul McBride, a young activist who was accidentally killed planting a bomb in 1971.

McBride was haunted by his son's death, not understanding why his son had done what he'd done. A decade later, in 1981, McBride called his son's friend Jack Kimball, unaware that Jack had been part of the bombing as well. The older man's painful admissions led Jack to decide to turn himself in. However, Jack himself was killed in an explosion shortly thereafter before he got the chance.

Twenty-six years later, in 2007, Jack's death was reopened, and the truth of Paul McBride's death was uncovered. Detective Will Jeffries went to McBride's home to tell him of what they'd learned.

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