Robert Boreki 1973
Robert Boreki in 1973
Robert Boreki 2008
Prof. Robert Boreki in 2008
Robert Boreki
Portrayed by Justice Leak (1973)
James Read (2008)
Episode Glory Days
Status Alive

Robert Boreki was the tutor for Mike McShane as the two boys attended Pennsylvania University. Mike was a very good student when he was younger, but would spiral downwards into a mediocre student when his love for sports grew overwhelming. So he would get Robert as his main man as he was kind of a "nerd" and the smartest boy in the school; plus he didn't much of a social life. But Mike would overshadow Robert in academics as he became rebellious and began to do his own work. Robert was also doing Mike's homework for him and became furious as he began to do it on his own and as he would be trouble along with Mike if he failed; get a bad grade. That was supposed motive as he was accused of killing Mike, but was Steve Pratt, a big booster for the team and a man who became extremely close to Mike.