Rick Lambert 2006
Rick in 2006
Rick Lambert 2007
Rick in 2007
Rick Lambert
Portrayed by Owen Beckman
Episode Stalker
Status Alive

Friend and schoolmate of Kim Jacobi, who survived the attack on her family, that left her, like mentioned earlier alive, but injured and suffering from memory loss and the rest of her family: her father, Adam, mother, Emily, and brother, Stewart dead. They were murdered by Kim's online love, Ed Marteson, a young man obsessed with finding a companion-a woman whose always there for him and he for her, and to give him the love and attention he has never recieved in his life and badly wants, and what he wants to do so desperately too. Kim, originally adored Rick and so much wanted to be his girlfriend, but he thought only of her as a friend. Then, she and Ed would get involved, not personally, but by only calling each other. The messaging was done by her own mother, who only wanted to get into contact with some friends and was pretending to be her daughter, but I and everyone else knows went VERY WRONG!

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