Renee 1969
Renee in 1969
Renee 2004
Renee in 2004
Portrayed by Maggie Grace (1969)
Mary-Joan Negro (2004)
Episode Volunteers
Status Alive

Renee was 17 when she got pregnant and met Julia Hoffman and Gerard Gary. She told her boyfriend, Charlie, about the baby and he asked her to marry him and keep the baby, but she opposed this, not wanting to be stuck in Philadelphia. She found the number to JANE, an underground abortion service, through another girl's sister at her high school. Julia and Gerard transported her to the abortionist's office and back, then disappeared.

Years later she was married and had kids (and presumably went on to become a flight attendant, as she planned), never knowing the fate of her saviors until Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens began investigating their deaths.

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