Randy Price in 1985
Randy in 1985
Randy Price in 2004
Randy in 2004
Randy Price
Portrayed by Samuel Ball (1985)
Michael Paré (2004)
Episode Greed
Status Arrested

One of Charles Danville former employees. He was very loyal to Mr. Danville, as was Kip Crowley. The two men would work for him until the day he died; the victim of murder. But their friend and other coworker, Beau Munger would leave because he found out the ugly truth behind Charles and his occupation. Randy would be thought as Charles's killer because he also being sexually harassed by Charles and actually slept with him to a leg up in work; payback against Danville. But he was innocent and the real murderer was found: Mavis Breen, Kip Crowley's mother. But Randy wasn't so innocent in other things: he WOULD be arrested for investment fraud.

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