Ramon Delgado
Ramon in 1989
Ramon Delgado
Portrayed by Bruno Campos
Episode Lonely Hearts
Status Deceased (2006)

Ramon Delgado, along with Martha Puck were two serial killers who murdered four women. Ramon was a con man who tricked lonely, overweight, hopeless women into giving him all they had, then leaving them. He planned to do the same with Martha, but she and her roommate caught him trying to steal their television set. He showed his true colors and was about to leave her but Martha couldn't let him go. She came up with the plan that he would marry the women he would try to con and then Martha would kill them. They got away with this four times over, then when Martha was starting to get jealous of the other women, he proclaimed his love for her and proposed. Martha realized he would try to get rid of her next so she ran off to one of his other conquests, Eugenia Karpathian and told her she would get her her money back and Martha would kill Ramon, but Eugenia was still in love with Ramon and killed Martha instead.

In 2006, Ramon was found dead in his apartment from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head, while watching the dating tape of Martha, leading detectives to re open her case. Ramon's history of conning women was revealed after this and his and Martha's cases left to rest.