Pauline 2003
Pauline in 2003
Portrayed by Dorian Lopinto
Episode Gleen
Status Alive

Pauline was the 3rd wife and 2nd ex-wife of Rob Deamer and former stepmother of Gwen Deamer. They married sometime after Rob's 2nd wife, Dana died. Not much is said about her relationship with Gwen as her stepmother. Lilly called her in to talk about her marriage to Rob. She was only married to him for two years. She states that she was tramuatized by her ex-husband due to his possessive and controlling nature. One night, she went out to dinner with an old boyfriend from high school. It made Rob furious, even though it was just a harmless dinner with a friend. When she returned home, Rob told her to take off her wedding ring. When she asked why, he stated "just take it off and you'll find out". When she took it off, he took the ring downstairs to his workshop and crushed the ring in a vace and poured the remains all over her pillow. Pauline saw it as a sign to leave. Since the marriage was short, it appears Pauline had no real time to become acquainted with Gwen and may have never told her former stepdaughter of her father's behavior.

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