Paul Nelson 1964
Paul in 1964
Paul Nelson 2003
Paul in 2003
Paul Nelson
Portrayed by Unknown (1964)
Paul Vincent O'Connor (2003)
Episode A Time to Hate
Status Alive

Paul Nelson was a rookie cop, 22 years old when he was assigned to be the bagman for Captain John Russo's Raiders. he would collect the money Anthony DeSica's uncle would pay to the cops to let them know when a raid was coming.

The night of Daniel Holtz's murder, Nelson was approached by Danny after he and his boyfriend, Henry Phillips had Chinese takeout thrown on them. He took the complaint, but did nothing to the 3 assailants, which would turn out to be Daniel Holtz's murderers.

Later that same night, Nelson saw Danny again, when he participated in the raid on The Hush Room. Nelson says he and his partner chased a patron of the bar into the alley behind it and he saw Danny being confronted by guys he knew from the neighborhood.

As Nelson watched, Timmy O'Brien and his friends began to beat Danny with their feet and his baseball bat. Nelson's partner pulled him away, and he took one last look at Danny, as he was pushed behind a dumpster and finally beaten to death with his own bat. Paul Nelson later called the murder into dispatch, but did not give his name.

Years later, a tip from Henry 'Hank' Phillips, leads to Detectives Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens to question Paul Nelson about the night Daniel Holtz was murdered. They spur him on to tell them what he knows, by implying that it was a cop who killed Danny, even though they know it wasn't.

Nelson eventually admits that he saw the beginning of the assault on Daniel Holtz, but he and his partner looked the other way. Nelson claims that he didn't know he was going to die and didn't know who they were. Lilly tells him, "You can't not know. It's what you're here for."

Nelson then shows them a picture from his wallet. The picture turns out to be a picture of Nelson's son and his partner. Nelson says he doesn't want his son to know because he believes he's a good guy.

Scotty and Lilly urge him to come forward to prove to his son that he is a good guy. Nelson tells them that it was Timmy O'Brien and friends that killed Daniel Holtz.

Paul Nelson is seen at the memorial for Danny in the alley, where he was murdered. He sees the spirit of Danny Holtz and smiles at him. Danny smiles back.

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