Paige Pratt
Paige in 1981
Paige Pratt
Portrayed by Summer Glau
Episode Love Conquers Al
Status Deceased (1981)

Paige Pratt was a lovely, outgoing sixteen year old girl who was a sophomore at Crespi High School and a talented track runner. Even though she was loved by everyone who knew her or just had to meet her and it appeared as if she had the perfect life, it wasn't all that great.

Paige was dating a twenty one year old college aged man named Al Clarkson who seemed to be very clingy, possessive and dominating. At the track meets, Paige noticed handsome eighteen year old high school senior Bennett Cahill who was in track and captain of his team too and fell in love with him, but little did she know, Bennett already someone: eighteen year old Jane, his longtime girlfriend and a cheerleader for their school: Jefferson High; they both attend there. She is also a senior.

One day after track, Paige and Bennett met each other in the parking lot of Crespi High and somehow end up having sex in Bennett’s vehicle. YIKES! :( When Jane learned about it, she was furious and wanted to make Paige pay, so she and Bennett came up with a plan.

On June 20, 1981, Bennett and Jane put their plan into action: Bennett was sweet talking Paige in his car on a fake date and he said the code word which he and Jane concocted to use in their mission. When he used it for real, it caused Jane to come out of hiding (she was undetected in the backseat) and yell at Paige in hurt and anger for thinking that she could steal her boyfriend from her. Then, Bennett lunged at Paige, holding her in place as Jane began physically assaulting her.

Paige was later assaulted again, but this time....with Bennett's barbells by again, Jane, with Bennett holding holding her in place/holding her down. She survived these beatings, but was slowly "dying"; bleeding to death. She managed to escape from the car, but fell down. Bennett caught up to her and pulled out a gun. Paige begged for her life and pleaded with Bennett that they could work things out, but Bennett ended up coldy shooting her to death at close range. After that, Jane joined him and said that their problem is over with and the young couple began to make out, with Paige’s deceased body nearby. GREAT! :(