Paige Pratt
Paige in 1981
Paige Pratt
Portrayed by Summer Glau
Episode Love Conquers Al
Status Deceased (1981)

Paige Pratt was a outgoing and lovely sixteen year old girl who was a sophomore at Crespi High and a talented track player. Even though she was loved by everyone who knew her or had just meet her and she had the perfect life, it wasn't all that well: she was dating twenty one year old Al Clarkson, a college-aged young man who seemed very clingy, possessive, and dominating of Paige. She would still be with him because maybe she loved him and felt like their relationship can be saved or she was afraid of what would happen if they broke up. But the first option seems more logical because Paige did have a mouth on her and could stand up for herself if needed to. But the next event in her life would would cost it. At the meets, she would notice then eighteen year old Bennett Cahill, the handsome and popular track captain from Jefferson High School and a senior. He was also the boyfriend of then eighteen year old Jane, a senior and head cheerleader also from Jefferson High School. Well, she didn't know Bennett was taken, so she would fall hard for him and always tried to be near him. But that wouldn't work. But one day after track, they would finally meet face to face in the parking lot of Crespi High School. Things would happen and it end with them basically having sex in Bennett's car. Of course, that wasn't good and Bennett was disgusted with himself: he had an amazing life and a wonderful girlfriend...and he threw it all away for being intimate with another girl other than HIS OWN GIRL. Al would never know about his girlfriend's infidelity. But Jane would, for Bennett. She was furious and wanted Paige to pay. So, she and Bennett would come up with the most evilness plan to take down Paige. He first would lure her over to the place they're were first together and Jane would be nearby, hiding...waiting to strike. They would begin their murderous plan by Bennett sweet talking to Paige and saying the code word, that caused Jane to come out from her hiding place and yell at Paige in hurt and anger for thinking she can steal her boyfriend from her. Then, Bennett would lunge at Paige, holding her in place while Jane began to beat her, first with her limbs. Later, she was beaten with Bennett's barbells. The attack, of course was brutal and horrific. But Paige managed to escape from her attackers, but severely wounded. Jane then told Bennett he need to the the one to finish Paige off. He went after her and found her lying on the ground, trying to get up. He then stood over her and took out his other weapon: a gun. While she begged for her life and pleaded to Bennett they can work things out, he coldy shot her to death...close range. Then, Jane would come in and couldn't believe that they got it done. They then would make out while Paige's brutalized body laid near by! Nice! :(

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