Our Boy Is Back (aka Useless Cats)
Cold Case S01E03 Our Boy is Back

Season : 1
Episode: 3
Directed by: Bryan Spicer
Written by: Stacy Kravetz
Production Number: 176704
Airdate: 12 October 2003
Date of Crime: 21 August 1998
Previous: Gleen
Next: Churchgoing People

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A serial rapist sends a letter to the squad announcing his return to Philadelphia after five years and his plan to strike again. Lilly's best hope of catching the rapist comes from a victim who is able to provide a composite sketch.



Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit



  • This episode is loosely based on the "Center City Rapist" Troy Graves.
  • Justin Chambers does not appear in this episode and his name is removed from the opening credits, though he appears in the following episode.


  • Third Eye Blind "How's It Going To Be"
  • The Cranberries "When You're Gone"
  • Closing Song: Wallflowers "Heroes"

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