Oliver Calhoun 1999
Oliver in 1999
Oliver Calhoun 2009
Oliver in 2009
Oliver Calhoun
Portrayed by Dash Pomerantz (1999)
Matt Biedel (2009)
Episode Forensics
Status Alive

Oliver Calhoun was classmates/schoolmates with murder victim Luke Cronin at Maynerd Green High School. He, with others would give the newcomer a hard time who came from a poor background and a normal public high school, Jefferson High School because of their envy of his extreme talents, specifically in debates. But things would calm down and Luke's new classmates/schoolmates finally began to be nice to him and let him be part of the "Maynerd" family. He, with others would be accused of killing Luke for the mentioned reasons, but he would be found innocent as the actual killer, Maynerd debate coach and teacher Darren Musk was brought in for further questioning and found guilty.