November 22nd
November 22nd

Season : 6
Episode: 21
Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc
Written by: Ryan Farley
Production Number:
Airdate: April 26, 2009
Date of Crime: November 22, 1963
Previous: Stealing Home
Next: The Long Blue Line

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The team reopens a 1963 murder case of a nomadic pool hustler who was shot the same day as President Kennedy, when the long-hidden murder weapon is found during the renovation of a pool hall where the victim played days before his death.



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  • Madeline Carroll previously played Gwen Deamer in Gleen. Along with Alicia Ziegler and Ed Bernard, she's one of only three guest actors to appear on the show in two different roles.
  • The episode was dedicated "In memory of our friend and colleague Duane Sirna (1962-2009)"
  • This episode has many similarities with the fourth season episode "Static". Both victims were killed by a woman which were involved sentimentally, both were killed with a gun which do not belong to the murderer, Both victims have a meeting with their daughters, which is not expected by them, both victims had a nickname, both victims were having a problem with money, which is not the reason for his murder at the end, both victims and their daughters decide to start a new life, at the end the daughter sees the image of the victim.
  • The same shots of pool game are used repeatedly throughout the episode.


  • Booker T & The MG's "Green Onion"
  • Oscar Peterson "Moten Swing"
  • John Coltrane "Alabama"
  • John Coltrane (saxophone) & Johnny Hartman "My One and Only Love"

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