Norman in 1953
Portrayed by Bucky Dominick
Episode Red Glare
Status Unknown

Norman was a heavyset young boy in Elliot Garvey's fourth grade class in 1953. When an African-American boy named Robert joined the class on April 4, Norman, like the rest of the students were wary of the newcomer, and Norman was less than thrilled when Elliot assigned Norman as a "study buddy" to Robert to help him catch up.

After Robert showed off a record from his father's band and told of them once playing with Louie Armstrong, however, the class soon became fascinated by Robert. When another student offered to be Robert's study buddy, Norman quickly defended the job Elliot had given him.

Unfortunately, Principal Jenkins promptly entered and removed Robert, claiming he was at "the wrong school".

Norman's whereabouts in 2004, when Elliot's murder was re-investigated, are unknown.

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