Ned Cotner
Ned in 2010
Ned Cotner
Portrayed by Ronald F. Hoiseck
Episode The Last Drive-In, Bullet
Status Deceased (2010)

Ned Cotner was a farmer residing in rural Philadelphia, and the seventh victim of serial killer Paul Shepard. While driving down a secluded road in his pickup truck one night in 2010, Ned spotted Paul standing off to the side, and thinking he was in need of assistance, pulled over and asked him what was wrong. Paul calmly responded with "I need to borrow your truck" before shooting Ned in the head with his rifle, killing him instantly.

Paul placed Ned's body in the bed of the truck, covered it with a tarp, and drove into the city, eventually abandoning the vehicle outside the home of his aunt and uncle, whose car he stole. The truck and Ned's body were found a short while later by the team.

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