Nathan Hicks 1993
Nathan in 1993
Nathan Hicks 2005
Nathan in 2005
Nathan Hicks
Portrayed by Charlie Bodin (1993)
Bryce Lenon (2005)
Episode Wishing
Status Arrested

Nathan Hicks is the killer of Colin Miller in the episode "Wishing".

Colin had a mental disorder and since his mother was sick and his father didn't care about him, Nathan took care of him. Initially it was only a job so that he could pay for college, but it turned out more serious and Nathan becomes seriously involved in the boy's life. He taught Colin that wishing was the best solution for his problems. So, one day, he tells Colin that his mother should be "strong as a train" in order to be able to get cured, and convinces him tht if he wishes that in the train line, that wish comes true faster. Colin does that and is hit by a train, while Nathan assists and cries.

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