"Jonsey" in 1939
Nathan in 2004
Nathan "Jonsey" Jones
Portrayed by Adam Weiner (1939)
Geoffrey Lewis (2004)
Episode The Letter
Status Arrested

Nathan "Jonesy" Jones was a white milkman who had an affair with a black woman named Sadie Douglas.

The night of Sadie's death, Jonesy tried to convince her to leave without telling her exactly why. When Jonesy tells Sadie about his plan to go to New York, Sadie worries about her daughter, but Jonesy tells her that they can send for her.

When Sadie shows Jonesy a picture of her daughter, he balks and tells Sadie that she can pass for white, but her daughter can't and Sadie tells him that he doesn't really love her.

Just then, Jonesy's friends arrive, pin Sadie down on a table and rape her. When Sadie starts screaming, Jonesy puts his hand over her mouth and ends up killing her in a "mercy killing." By the end of the episode, he is handcuffed and arrested for her death.