Nash Simpson
Nash in 1995
Nash Simpson
Portrayed by Nick Thurston
Episode Hoodrats
Status Deceased (1995)

Nash Simpson was an ambitious and tough seventeen year old boy who was a skateboard star because of HIS AMAZING skills! He would end up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because he had to escape his unbearable home life (he lived with his then twelve year old brother, Mick Simpson-a young man now in his twenties, his single mother, Chelsea Simpson-now in jail, and her newest boyfriend, Rafe Stockton-a jerk and whose now deceased: he passed away the same year from hepatitis C. There, he felt free and could be himself; hangout and do his skateboarding. He would also become close with people in Philadelphia: Cal Acevedo, a fellow skateboarder who would become Nash's best friend, Vonda Martin, a pretty and talented photographer, Steve Hess, a skateboard store owner, and the many other individuals involved in the skating world. But the greatest thing was Nash would make a big name for himself in Philadelphia. Everyone was amazed and idolized him. But what would come with was jealousy among his pals and wannabes. One of them would be Vonda's boyfriend, the rude and boastful Grady Giles, another fellow skater who thought he "was all that"; a better skateboarder than Nash, but in fact, it was the other way around; his cockiness and arrogance would get in they way and he would mess up, while the confident and "born with it" Nash would nail it. But sadly in the end, there would be another person jealous too of Nash, but so much that it would make them kill him! It was Cal Acevedo. So happy and amazed by his friend, he would later become envious of him. He also would feel deserted by Nash when his skills made him get noticed by Excelerator, a well known skateboarding sponsor. That would really hurt Cal as he and Nash were going to do "their own thing"-another way to get famous and receive money. Well, the two boys would get into a fight about it and things would turn ugly quickly, leading to Nash's death. His family would have moved with him if he had lived, SAD! ;(