Melanie Whitley 1976
Melanie in 1976
Melanie Whitley 2003
Melanie in 2003
Melanie Whitley
Portrayed by Becki Newton (1976)
Lisa Waltz (2003)
Episode Look Again
Status Alive

The best friend of murder victim Jill Shelby would brutally die at the hands of her controlling, abusive boyfriend, Todd Whitley who Melanie would later marry and have two children with: two girls. Then, she seemed like a wonderful and loving friend to Jil, but behind Jill's back....she was extremely jealous of her and Todd's relationship and desperately wanted to be "Todd's girl". That fantasy was actually happening (AKA she and Todd were having an affair). But Todd wanted to be with Jill; more in love with her and kept Melanie as his "side chick." GREAT GUY, HUH?!

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