Melanie C.2000
Portrayed by Unknown
Episode Two Weddings
Status Deceased (2008)

Melanie was the wife of Dan Palmer. Both hailing from Baltimore, they eloped in Cancun, while on spring break from college. Sometime later, while drinking on a boat with their friend Phil, there was an accident and Melanie almost drowned. She was saved, but suffered apparent brain damage, and had to be hospitalized. Dan visited her faithfully everyday for three years but Melanie did not recognize him.

Dan would later become engaged to Anna Coulson, who bore a striking resemblence to Melanie. On June 22, 2008, the night before Dan's wedding, Melanie asked for Dan for the first time since the accident. Upon hearing this, Dan called off the wedding and prepared to go back to her in Baltimore. Unfortunately Melanie died shortly before Dan was to leave. In shock at learning this, Dan committed suicide by jumping from his hotel balcony.

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